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Welcome to Eaton Canyon Golf Course in California, where the tranquility of golfing meets the natural splendor of the San Gabriel Valley. Prepare for an exceptional round amidst the picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife of this scenic course.

As you explore Eaton Canyon Golf Course, be enchanted by the sight of majestic Brown Bears lumbering through the wooded areas, the vibrant Peacocks displaying their colorful plumage, and the silent flight of the Great Horned Owls as they survey their domain. Keep watch for the graceful Mule Deer grazing in the nearby meadows, adding to the charm of your golfing adventure.

Eaton Canyon Golf Course is not just a golf destination—it's a sanctuary for local wildlife. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in our course design, which provides essential habitats for diverse wildlife populations. These habitats not only enhance the natural beauty of the course but also contribute to the ecological balance of the area.

To sustain this delicate ecosystem, we responsibly source our water from local origins, including local aquifer and the Raymond Basin. By prioritizing water conservation and management, we ensure the preservation of natural resources and the continued thriving of our local wildlife.

Immerse yourself in the golfing experience at Eaton Canyon Golf Course, where each swing is accompanied by the beauty of California's diverse wildlife and the sustainable stewardship of our natural resources. Enjoy a round that transcends the game, creating lasting memories amidst the natural wonders of Eaton Canyon Golf Course.